Recruitment process

Candidate experience – from contact to employment

Our operations at SAM International are completely confidential regarding both our customers and jobseeker candidates. Our entire service concept is built objectively and professionally, with clearly defined steps.

Our people-oriented approach

  • A prerequisite for a successful recruitment process is a thorough understanding of the client’s business and organization from the very first step
  • We analyze the candidates carefully, without forgetting the candidates’ work experience, skills, background, personality, values ​​and motivation
  • We interview, evaluate and, if necessary, do pre-assignments and perform capability analyses
  • We communicate clearly and regularly with both clients and candidates
  • If needed, we will contact the recommenders
  • We ensure a smooth and timely recruitment process

Streamlined process for applicants

The SAM consultant approaches the candidate either directly or based on the application and presents the task and the flow of the process.

Participation in the direct search process requires an up-to-date CV.