Our story

A pioneer reforming the headhunting industry

Despite our experience, we decided to challenge our industry, and that is why we have renewed our way of working and our team as a whole from 2021. Now we have more than 20 professionals with solid management experience from many different industries available to support you.

SAM International operates in 12 EU countries. We conclude more than 700 assignments on an annual basis.

New SAM – transition from 2021

In the spring of 2021, SAM Headhunting Finland was reborn. A small group of completely new SAM people started innovating how to reform the direct search industry. Between us, we all had experienced calls from unknown numbers, processes left open and candidates being treated indifferently. As a client, we were surprised by the slowness of the direct search processes and the variability of price and quality. As clients, we also felt that we did not receive enough information about the progress of the process in its various stages. In addition, the processes often remained detached from the organization’s culture and employer image.

How to change all this, while maintaining the good working practices of the industry? Our starting point was to build operations and a team around industry understanding and personal experience. That’s why all SAM consultants are long-term business veterans and have sat on the same side of the table as you. We understand that only by working together is the best possible service experience achievable. We combine our strength and expertise by including the client, the candidate and our SAM team colleagues.

For us, success in a direct search assignment is a starting point and a common goal. All SAM consultants are entrepreneurs; we operate under the SAM Finland umbrella and we each manage it as if it were our own company. By succeeding together, we also ensure the success of our customers.