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Direct search person to person, together and in cooperation

At SAM, we do direct search, valuing people. The most important values ​​for us in implementing a direct search are valuing people, customer oriented approach and responsibility.

Our systematic and transparent application process ensures that we find the most suitable candidate for your company, whose values ​​and views match your company culture.

Our competent consultants, who are all familiar with your industry, carry out even the most demanding direct searches while valuing people and at the same time bringing out the best in the candidates.

Direct search

Do you need a specialist suitable for your company? We will help you find the most suitable person in 4-6 weeks.

Profiling and search





The first 100 days in a new position are critical for the success of the individual and the organization. Do you have the right onboarding program?

Situational awareness

Individual/team assessment

Value creation


Transition support

Ending a long-term employment relationship in a proper and dignified way is important for both the employee and the employer. We help the departing person settle into new tasks.

Situational awareness

In-depth interview and capability mapping

Steps and tools of the job search process